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From quick set-ups to 270-degree coverage, these car awnings are ready for any adventure

To awning or not to awning—that is the big overlanding and car camping question. Solar Outdoor Lamps

The 9 Best Car Awnings for Camping & Overlanding | Field Mag

With an ever-growing range of styles and functions paired with a steady increase in interest in slow travel and overlanding, it’s no wonder car awnings are one of the most talked-about topics in the motor-obsessed outdoor community right now. But what are they, and why would someone even consider buying one? Well, hold onto your butts, because we're about to deep dive into the world of car awnings and fill you in on everything you need to know before buying one.

Car awnings, car side awnings, and car sunshades are all awnings. Made for your car. Or truck. Or Airstream. Or any vehicle, really. Pretty straightforward, right?

Not exactly. Since these awnings need to be installed securely (read: permanently), you’ll have to have a roof rack (or cross bars, a rooftop tent, or something similar) to install the awning’s backing plate onto. Car awnings are rarely drilled directly onto your 4x4 or trailer. (Phew!)

While car awnings vary in size, most people purchase a square footage that runs from above their front driver or passenger side door to the rear of the vehicle. Rear awnings and awnings with side walls that create shade shelters are also an option. It all simply comes down to personal preference.

Besides the obvious perk of a car awning providing UV sun protection, other not-so-apparent perks include protection against the rain, especially when it’s time to cook, and a bit more privacy.

Car awnings vary in price—going from a couple of hundred dollars up to a couple of thousand dollars—as well as in weight. Weight is important to keep in mind if you’re trying to keep your adventure rig as light as possible.

So, when it comes down to it, do you really need a car awning?

In my overlanding experience, which is pretty vast, considering I spend each summer overlanding and car camping across Mongolia, I’ve come to decide that awnings are worth the investment. But it has to be the right awning for you. Otherwise, I understand where the great awning debate begins (and ends). Here are a few other things to consider when researching and buying a car awning.

The first three things to look for when considering which awning is the best choice for you are:

Forget the sun, the time when you will most appreciate your awning will be when it’s raining.

Having an awning that can shelter you while you’re cooking and one that can withstand wind thanks to tie-downs and guy lines and additional support poles will change the way you think about overlanding and prove that roughing it doesn’t always have to be so rough.

While most people who purchase car awnings own SUVs, trucks, trailers, camper vans, or minivans, any vehicle can be car awning-ready with the right rack system. Just remember that the lower your vehicle is to the ground, the less space you’ll have for standing under your awning when it’s extended.

What We Like: A three-second setup that you don’t have to set your beer down for

Blowing its Kickstarter goal of $10,000 out of the water within minutes, the now fully funded Kammok Crosswing is an Austin, Texas-designed awning so easy to use you don’t even need to set your drink down to deploy it. With a three-second setup time, you simply pull the awning straight out, and you’re ready to pitch your hammock underneath. The aluminum alloy X-Frame design means the awning is self-supporting, so there’s no need to attach poles or get tangled up in tie-downs. The Crosswing comes in two sizes—a seven-foot model with 42 square feet of cover and a five-foot model with 32.5 square feet. Production has already begun, and the first units are estimated to ship out in November 2022.

Length: 7 ft Shade Area: 43 sq ft Weight: 45 lbs Price: $9000

What We Like: 270° of coverage from the OG’s of overlanding

When it comes to converting vehicles into overlanding machines ready to take on anything, Alu-Cab has long been one of the best and most reliable brands in the game. Founded in Cape Town, South Africa, Alu-Cab was the first company to introduce aluminum canopies to the world.

The not-so-long-ago introduction of their 270-degree Shadow Awning not only turned heads in the off-roading community, but it was a gateway drug for the overlanding-curious, as well. The Shadow Awning is excellent because there are no additional poles to pitch or pegs. You simply unzip the awning’s cover bag and swing the awning’s heavy-duty aluminum arms open in less than 60-seconds. For extra support, deploy a telescoping pole with quick-release lock and the included guy ropes.

Length: 8.5 ft Shade Area: 107 sq ft Weight: 53 lbs Price: $1,575

What We Like: A heavy-duty 270° awning for remote road trips

Another favorite for its 270-degree coverage, the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second Awning is sturdy, streamlined, and quick to open. Made from a high-quality weatherproof canvas, aluminum arms and stainless steel hinges, the Quick Pitch is simple to set up but also comes with a support pole and tie-downs for extra security. The canvas ceiling has a silver lining to reflect the sun and keep the area underneath the awning cool, making it a solid nominee for any overlanding wishlist.

Length: 4.3 ft Shade Area: 161 sq ft Weight: 60 lbs Price: $1,995

What We Like: An affordable, easy to affix option if you aren’t sure awnings are your thing

On the simpler side of awnings, the name of this little guy says everything you need to know about it. Extending 2.1 meters from its mounting point, the awning stands up with the help of corner-mounted twist-lock telescoping poles. When not in use, the awning is protected by a durable, heavy-duty PVC coated 650g nylon storage bag. Add mosquito net siding to make this setup even more comfortable, and use Front Runner's Easy-Out Awning Brackets for best vehicle-awning compatibility.

Length: 8.5 ft Shade Area: 56 sq ft Weight: 30 lbs Price: $376

What We Like: The most affordable 270-degree awning

Unzip. Swing. Cinch. And save? That’s right, at less than $1,000, this awning from Overland Pros is the most affordable 270-degree awning on our list. With a waterproof 280g ripstop canvas construction and 7.4 square meters of coverage, it’s also a sleeper favorite in the overlanding community. Choose to mount the Wraptor 4k to either the driver or passenger side—you have the option to choose from either when ordering. The Wraptor has optional walls to create an awning room, but mounting brackets and guy lines are included.

Length: 7.2 ft Shade Area: 80 sq ft Weight: 42 lbs Price: $999

What We Like: Good for low-to-the-ground vehicles

Weather-proof and UV50+ protected, the Dome 1300 was built specifically with lower roofed vehicles and tall people in mind. Plus, the dome design adds for great water run-off in harsher weather conditions. The awning can be mounted to either side of your vehicle, or to the rear, which gives the Dome 1300 an edge over the other awnings on this list, which are too long for this option. While this car awning is tough enough to handle everything overlanding might throw its way, Rhino-Rack still promises a 1-year warranty. It comes with a $333 price tag to boot.

Length: 4.3 ft Shade Area: 65 sq ft Weight: 18.5 lbs Price: $333

What We Like: Rooftop tent integration

Awnings aren’t just limited to your vehicle—rooftop tents now come with some pretty incredible awning options as well. Especially for the iKamper Skycamp tent ($4,199), one of our favorite rooftop tents on the market. The awning attachment quickly zips onto the Skycamper’s front window and sets up with support poles and guy lines, making an indoor/outdoor living space that's protected from the elements.

What We Like: Unique awning-meets-tent design

Designed for the back tailgate, this inflatable awning is the king of awnings. Designed for SUV’s, MPV’s, crossovers, large estate cars, and utility vehicles fitted with canopies, the Tailgater Air is different from other awnings on this list because it requires inflating during setup. Anchor ropes provide support as well as to its shape, and inflation can be done manually or with an electric pump that can be purchased separately.

Length: 9.8 ft Shade Area: 71 sq ft Weight: 27 lbs Price: $1,139 AUD

What We Like: Extra car camping weather and wind protection without the weight

When you’re sleeping in a tent next to your car, the smallest added comfort goes a long way. Add an extra layer of sun and weather protection between you and Mother Nature thanks to this Touring Awning from overlanding legends ARB. With an LED light strip built in, the ARB awning makes moving around at night much easier and becomes even more versatile and protective with an added windbreak ($120 extra).

Length: 8.2 ft Shade Area: 67 sq ft Weight: 40 lbs Price: $423

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The 9 Best Car Awnings for Camping & Overlanding | Field Mag

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