The story of CFB boxes in the Indian supply chain

2021-11-24 05:25:28 By : Mr. Kris Chen

The workshop manager said that this makes sense, but it will be the decision of the management.

1. Unitizing the load as much as possible helps reduce damage during transportation. 2. Using performance-based parameters—RCT for kraft paper, ECT for corrugated cardboard, and BCT for corrugated boxes—helps predict the best specifications required for a given application when designing cartons. 3. The overhang of the pallet leads to the loss of BCT. We observe that the columnar stacking method retains more BCT than the brick stacking method. Although columnar stacking may be unstable, experts recommend using columnar stacking for the initial layer and bricks for the top layer. 4. In most cases, the strapping box will damage the sides and walls of the box. In manual handling, labor tends to use these straps to lift boxes. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable sealing method for this purpose instead of blindly using BOPP tape. 5. Educating people throughout the supply chain and raising awareness of packaging instructions and best practices is an important measure to reduce transportation hazards.     

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