Ajit Gupta: The man with a green mission in the tape industry

2021-11-24 04:23:24 By : Ms. Grace Xie

Ajit Industries Private Limited is one of the leading industrial tape manufacturers in India and has won a unique reputation in realizing the urgently needed transformation from plastic packaging products to green packaging products. Mr. Ajit Gupta, CMD – Ajit Industries is recognized for its outstanding contribution in leading this change to sustain Mother Earth.

Ajit Industries has replaced plastic products with recyclable and biodegradable alternatives throughout the packaging industry. The company has introduced a variety of alternatives to plastic tape, bubble wrap and foam/hot-melt padding, which are used to protect goods during transportation. In general, the company is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of various types of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive industrial tapes and die-cut tapes. In short, the company's product portfolio includes high-potential tape and die cutting.

Ajit Industries is synonymous with quality and service. It is a solution provider for major organizations and brands in India and other regions, providing more than 200 industrial tape and die cutting solutions. Starting with the vision of becoming a leader in this category, Ajit Industries today has a place in the Indian industrial landscape. The various tapes produced by the company are widely used in the white goods industry, paper mills, electronics industry, e-commerce, and automotive industries.

Ajit Industries has a wide range of products and has a product portfolio of tapes, protective tapes and packaging tapes suitable for the electrical and electronic industries. Ajit Industries launched a unique environmentally friendly green tape in India for the first time. The company actively carries out green environmental protection campaigns and promotes the use of environmentally friendly green belts. According to this mission, the company has developed paper tape solutions. As a pioneer in industrial tape and die cutting, Ajit Industries has launched a series of new tapes made of recyclable and biodegradable materials, including self-adhesive kraft paper tape, water-activated kraft paper tape KP 90, and Eco-friendly honeycomb packaging paper And recyclable Bopp tape.

With legendary cricketer Kapil Dev as its brand ambassador, AIPL has always been keen to create sustainable solutions for a safer and greener society.

The company's goal is to drastically reduce plastic, not only the products that customers receive in boxes, but also the disposable plastic packaging used in logistics. Mr. Ajit Gupta of CMD-Ajit Industries enjoys a reputation as a changer in the industry, and his vision when he founded the company was to become a leader in this category. Importantly, today Ajit Industries occupies a proud position as it is ranked as one of the top five tape companies in India.

Mr. Ajit Gupta of CMD-Ajit Industries said: “No other company has such a diverse range of products as our kittens, so many large companies see us as a one-stop solution to meet their needs. We are proud to effectively meet their overall needs. It is because of our high-quality product portfolio that we have a reputation not only in India but also globally."

The company's main customers include Amazon, Hyundai, Haier, LG, Samsung, Mahindra, Hyundai, and are also Maruti's approved suppliers. The company further expands its product line and is also committed to the research and development of tapes for electric vehicles. In addition to its unique environmentally friendly product line, Ajit Industries also has a very strong USP, known for its incredible quality awareness and ethics in the tape industry. In an industry where night voyagers are rampant, Ajit Industries has a complete quality control system and a series of avant-garde products.

Ajit Industries is headquartered in Delhi, with factories in Sonepat in Haryana and Bhiwandi in Mumbai and Chennai. Ajit Industries has become the No. 1 adhesive tape company in North India, and at the same time, it has been recognized as a supplier in first- and second-tier cities across the country. Considering the contribution of paper to plastics, Mr. Gupta said: “Paper tape is a new innovation we started last year. If I take my packaging portfolio for example, now 40% of our sales come from paper tape, and every year Rapid growth. Looking to the future, it will grow at a rate of more than 100% per year, because I can see this huge growth with the support of environmental awareness. Of course, the green mission is very exciting for us, and it is growing , People will change from plastic to paper, even if it’s not very fast, it’s very slow."

After Ajit Industries expands in the north, west and south of the country, due to the large global demand for its products, it is also looking forward to paying more attention to exports.

According to Mr. Gupta, India not only needs to be self-sufficient in tape production, but also needs to be able to export to all parts of the world. "If China can export such a large number of tapes, why can't we. We must also allow ourselves to be efficient enough to produce and export. At Ajit Industries, we are already committed to achieving this goal in a focused way," Gupta Said the sir.

Mr. Gupta is a man of high integrity. He finally suggested to emerging entrepreneurs: "You need to be a person who does what you say, because your words can create value, they will generate tremendous power, which can be transformed into trust and long-term Support the business. Therefore, all upcoming entrepreneurs need to use their words to create value and fulfill all the promises they make, which helps to create goodwill and trust in the business."

Mr. Gupta is an outstanding industrialist and he firmly believes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision is to reduce the carbon footprint. He believes that the company's triple packaging tape will replace plastic packaging tape. These tapes have received a good response in the industry.

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