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2021-11-24 04:23:31 By : Ms. Abby Xiao

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Adhesive tape expert monta discussed his new self-adhesive tape monta reTec 831 in our latest issue of "Innovation Focus", which is made from post-industrial recycled polypropylene (rPP).  

The increasing use of plastic recyclables and advances in recycling technology have given German tape manufacturer monta Klebebandwerk GmbH the urge to develop sustainable self-adhesive tapes based on recycled substrates.

By processing it into 100% post-industrial rPP at the film manufacturer's factory, the industrial plastic waste that was previously discarded has gained new life. Then at the monta factory in Germany, this carrier material was coated with a natural rubber adhesive to produce a new self-adhesive tape monta reTec 831.

The film backing material not only protects the original fossil resources, but also has a direct and positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions: the carbon footprint of the raw materials used in monta reTec 831 is 33% lower than monta's traditional BOPP tape, Monta 331.

The sustainable monta reTec 831 is designed to safely seal medium to heavy cardboard boxes, providing the same technical performance as its BOPP counterpart. It can handle challenging deep-freezing applications and difficult surfaces such as test pads, making it ideal for manual dispensers and carton sealing applications in automated packaging lines.

When selecting raw materials and when using packaging tape, it is important to use resources responsibly.

When the tape must be applied in multiple layers to achieve a reliable seal, material consumption will increase significantly, wasting valuable resources. It also takes more time to close the cartons, which leads to increased costs.

Monta tape with natural rubber adhesive usually uses only one layer to seal the box for reliable and more effective results.

In order to minimize packaging waste, monta added 21% of tape to each roll of monta reTec 831, while also improving process efficiency by reducing the number of rolls that need to be changed.

The packaging tape market of 30 billion square meters per year has huge potential for "green" alternatives. In 2019, with the launch of monta biopack, "monta Greenline" was launched, which is a 90% bio-based packaging tape.

monta reTec 831 is an additional high-performance tape that expands monta's environmentally friendly Greenline product portfolio.

The new carbon neutral standard for monta Greenline tape

monta worked with ClimatePartner to go one step further and calculated the product carbon footprint (PCF) of all monta Greenline tapes. By supporting recognized climate protection projects that comply with international standards, monta has been compensating for the carbon dioxide emissions of all monta Greenline tapes since August 2021, transforming all monta Greenline tapes into a carbon neutral product line.

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